About Us

Donna’s Delights is located in Granite Bay, California and specializes in making delicious and nutritious muffins and cookies.
Our homemade muffins and cookies are made with all-purpose gluten-free flour, and sweetened with coconut sugar, pure cane sugar, honey, fruit, and/or applesauce. They’re gluten-free and packed with protein. Each one contains 7-10 grams of protein and contains just 250-350 calories, far less than you’d get from a typical bakery muffin or cookie! Keto options are also available.

The business is owned by Donna Webb, a health and fitness instructor and owner of Seek and Transcend Life Coaching. She started out baking for her family and friends and soon found out that others loved her goodies. She started Donna’s Delights so she could help people eat healthy even when they had a craving for sweets.