Donations for Frontline Workers

I have been baking cookies for our local healthcare heroes who are risking their own well-being for the welfare of others. I wish I had a superhero cape to attach to every cookie I give out. These people deserve our support, appreciation and gratitude.

If you know anyone that is working on the front line anywhere, please shoot them a text of support and appreciation. They need all the positive energy we can throw at them right now to keep them going.

If you would like to donate any gluten-free, protein infused muffins or cookies to these amazing folks, we are accepting donations to help pay for ingredients. Thank you to everyone who has already donated! I appreciate every one of you for stepping forward in times of financial uncertainty and giving what you can to spread joy and uplift others. There are so many hardworking frontlines we have not reached yet.

Donations may be made via Venmo